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How to assign a User Role / Report set

We have introduced the association of reports based on a user's role in order to standardize reporting access.
This is managed from within the agency's Company Administrators login

Here are the details of where to find this:

Go to the TOOLS icon and select USER SETTINGS

When the page updates, select LOGINS and click on the user that you want to update

You will then be taken to the User Details page
Scroll down to the Roles section and you will see what the Primary role is for the user as well as any secondary roles that have been associated.
There is also a hyperlink at the end of the roles list which will redirect you to a support article that details which reports are assigned to what role to assist you in choosing the appropriate additional (secondary) roles.
Just tick the relevant box and hit SAVE

NOTE: The Company Administrator has all roles assigned and therefore access to all reports in order to assist staff with queries and so on
Creation date: 17/07/2018 14:23 (natalie.harling@insidegroup.net)      Updated: 29/05/2020 13:26 (natalie.harling@insidegroup.net)
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