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Setting up Key Traveller Groups

1) Select the Key Travellers report under the Travellers menu:

2) To create a new group, click on the plus icon under “Current members” section on the right:

3) A pop-up screen will appear where you create the name of the group and select trigger criteria:

4) Use group type “Traveller” in the drop down so that you can select travellers based on their PARs. Then select the number of travellers that are allowed to travel together and finally insert the email address of the person who will receive the alert mail and be responsible to take the necessary actions to rectify the breach

Once done, click on “SAVE”

5) The screen will then refresh and you need to select the newly created group from the drop down

6) The screen then brings up additional drop downs for the account (BAR) and the traveller (PAR)

7) You need to select the account first for the passenger list to populate

8) Once account selected, then select the traveller from the passenger list and click the green arrow button to add it to the “Current members” list on the right

9) Repeat steps 7 and 8 until your “Current members” list shows all travellers that will be affected by this rule.

Now that the list is in place, the rule is active and we will send an alert email to the listed person as soon as we pick up if the rule has been breached

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