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Assigning additional Qsorter destinations per Consultant

Go to the GDS Sign-ons table located under the Settings Menu > Company Settings (https://app.agentivity.com/company/settings/GdsSignons)

Here you can search either by the Pseudo, or by Sign on Value, First Name, Last Name, Team or Location:

Once the list is displayed, select the SPANNER icon to access the advanced setup section 

A pop up window will appear with tabs for each of the offices where QSorting is activated.
If there was a destination specified on the main screen (shown above) then this will reflect as the default destination for all PCC's for this consultant.

Click on the tab for the office you want to setup a different destination for and complete the PCC, Queue and Category (if applicable)
Once you start making the changes you will notice the column on far right, entitled CHANGED, will show YES and a green SAVE button appears on the top right of of the table 
When you are done making all your changes click on SAVE

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