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Assigning a familiar name to a GDS Account Value

A quick one pager "How To.." guide to adding a familiar (friendly) name to an Account Value for ease of reading on reports

Accounts are by default displayed in reports by the value found in the PNR 
This can be changed to rather show the Account friendly name to make the reports easier to read.

To do this, click on the Tool menu on the top right section of the dashboard page, as shown below, and select ‘Company Settings’:

Once the page refreshes, click on the ‘GDS Account Values’ option and a list of your agencies accounts will display in a table format with the various fields that can be updated

Click into the 'Account Name' box and type in the friendly name.
As soon as you add a value to the field and tab into the next, the word "changed" appears at the bottom right of the account line you're working on. 

Once you have finished updating all the fields you need to, click on the SAVE button at the top right
The screen will refresh with an acknowledgement that all the changes have been saved

The Managers Name, PCC, Q and Q category are used for queue sorting. Only provide this if you make use of Agentivity's Queue Sorter.

** To remove or change any of the details, simply remove the detail from the relevant field so it’s blank or type over with the amended detail and click the SAVE button**
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